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Annex IV

Gabriel Reporting service

The AIFMD Annex IV reporting requirements are now available to submit on GABRIEL. The FCA has produced updated guidance on FCA annex IV guidance. The reports are formally called AIF001 and AIF002 and require specialist software to submit. Pragmatic Compliance has teamed with a service provider which, we believe, offers the most cost-effective solution for this AIFMD reporting. In addition, the system is, at present, the only system in the market that allows you to fully automate the reporting from the fund admin through to the regulator. Check our FAQs for any assistance. The system has huge functionality but doesn’t take our word for it. Email us on [email protected]ragmaticcompliance.co.uk and we will send the full system details through to you and, if you wish, arrange for a representative to talk it through with you. Pragmatic has reviewed excellent rival systems costing between £12,000 and £20,000 a year. We strongly suggest you look at our offering after you have reviewed the competition and then you will realise how intuitive and functional the system is and at a fraction of the cost that the competitors are charging.

Miura’s Automated AIFMD Reporting Application – ARAN- “Fully automated submission in 4 clicks of a button”

Miura’s AIFMD Application, ARAN, is the only system in the market at present that allows you to fully automate your AIFMD reporting from your fund admin through to the regulator! Data is imported from a disparate range of sources into the system. From there complex calculations can be carried out to produce your submission figures. Submission values can then be validated easily through user-friendly drill-down from each field into the data that made up the figure. Finally the system allows you to automatically upload your submission to the regulator via their xml uploader. The data and calculations template is then saved so your next submission can be created at the “in 4 clicks of a button”.

What makes us better than the competition?

1. FSA and FCA Authorisation specialists are the only system in the market that allows the company to fully automate their AIFMD submission from feeders files to regulator.

2. Aggregate numbers can be traced back to source data at the touch of a button to facilitate sign-off review.

3. Our experienced team can fully configure your solution for you should you require, cheaper that the cost of doing it internally.

4. You have the flexibility to buy the software or the service.

5. We are the most cost effective solution for your AIFMD reporting.

System Functionality/Value Proposition for the Client

At Miura we believe the flexibility of our system and the efficiency our service provides a unique value in the marketplace.
Button 1 You upload all your feeder files at once from any system into ARAN’s import directory.
Button 2 You import the data into ARAN’s internal database – Initially you will need to configure each of the calculations on your submission
Button 3 You then instruct the system to create your submission – ARAN creates the ability when checking your figures to double click through to see the feeder report and feeder calculations
Button 4 The system then converts the submission to XML and sends it to the regulator …or just get us to do it for you at a cheaper process than it would cost internally….!

Implementation Lifecycle

Completion of AIFMD submissions is largely dependent on the size of the AIF, the availability of staff and the ability of the Fund Administrator to turn the reports around quickly. This can generally take up to a week.

Pricing and Software

The pricing is structured so the client can extract the greatest benefits from our software. £1,000 per fund set up and £1,000 per submission (reductions will be given to clients with a great number of AIF’s)

Submission Service

Time and materials per fund set up (approx £2,000 per fund but this can decrease greatly over a large number of funds) and £2,000 per submission (involves test submissions to ensure none of the 30-50 feeder have changed). Find out more about us here.

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