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FCA/FSA Authorisation

We make authorisation simple

Our aim is to make FCA authorisation simple, but effective and to embed it into business practices so that compliance is the natural result of doing business. We are dedicated to understanding FCA/FSA regulatory requirements and how they should be met. We have a substantial expertise totally dedicated to the highest service for your compliance solutions. Pragmatic Compliance Consultant London (PCS) is run by two experienced FCA compliance consultants who have each had decades of experience in finding sensible, cost-effective, workable solutions, often supplied as a fixed price offering. Find out more about us.

Pragmatic offer the best, most cost-effective FCA Authorisation solution

As the regulatory environment and FCA expectations evolve, Pragmatic is constantly challenging and reviewing its own regulatory processes and we strive to ensure our knowledge and practices are leading edge and at the forefront of regulatory thinking. If you have any questions you need answering, simply read through our frequently asked questions or see how to choose the best compliance consultants.

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What makes us better than the competition?

No one company can offer the best most cost-effective FCA authorisation solutions in London to every compliance requirement so Pragmatic Compliance Solutions have researched the available resource in the marketplace and found different suppliers for each potential service offering. We also offer other consulting services such as FSA ICAAP preparation.

Let us introduce you to a firm that has been getting firms authorised for over twenty years and have yet to have their first failure.

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